• Education is not mere information to be dumped, but knowledge to be experienced & shared.
  • At QGMS, we emphasize on this through our 7 sutras and 1 mantra that leads towards responsible, contributing & successful citizenship.
    - Prof. Dr. Madhurani Gowda

The era of the global world witnessed today, eagerly hunts for capable, competent and self made individuals who poses the potential to raise the organizations to rigorous heights. Self development and self competency knows no boundaries and also there is ever growing demand for competence building. An individual becomes employable only after possessing the required skills (soft skills) to compete, which is obtained through self development along with the traditional graduation or post graduation. So to meet the ever growing competition and establish a place for oneself, there is a dire necessity to continuously develop and upgrade our skills and learning in the myriad of management talk that includes – skills, knowledge, learning, conceptual etc., and the list simply goes on.

In accordance, Queen’s Global Management Solutions – specialized in soft skill training, counseling, projects, educational consulting, international networking, stock marketing and HR services is passionate about helping people in discovering (and sharpening) their skills and being navigators in their success. Our Trainers have varied experience across Educational Institutions, Manufacturing, FMCG, Financial Management and Service industries who provide continuous, committed and contended services to our clients. Founded in the year 2005 in the name of MADURA – Personality development and Research Center, has effectively met the needs of soft skill training, consulting and counseling to various clients. Now with its new form of Queen’s Global Management Solutions – it emphasizes on all related wings of management and it focuses in providing the “One stop management solutions, with a holistic approach.

At Queen’s, we believe that human beings have the proven ability of framing and shaping their minds (building potential) according to their respective requirements. In this realm, we treasure and nurture this ability and work towards tapping that untapped potential which otherwise is useless. Harnessing this ability to positively tune is what makes humans supremely creative and consequently successful. At Queen’s we train people to believe that there is virtually no problem one cannot solve, no obstacle one cannot overcome and no goal one cannot achieve if one knows how to apply their potential. It is this attitude and mindset that differentiates us in the market place. We agree with Einstein who said – “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and at Queen’s, we believe that attitude and ability is the first step towards being great.

Our Vision:
To differentiate ourselves by forging long-term relationships with our clients and enabling them with the power to build their potential which in turn creates value for their organization.

Our Mission:
We envision ourselves to be a value added solution provider exhibiting a profound change in quality of those who avail our solutions while growing our service offerings domestically and internationally.

Solutions provided:

  • Training solutions
  • Counseling Solutions
  • HR, Financial & Academic (Consulting) solutions
  • Event Management Solutions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Clients

Our team:
Queen’s is a global solutions provider and our team is formed with skilled professionals in the areas of Soft skill training, Counseling, Human Resource, Finance, Research, National and International networking.

With an effective blend of value driven consulting, mentoring and training solutions, we provide quality and cost effective solutions to enable our clients achieve their business goals by optimizing the organization's Return on Investment (ROI) and solve their problems in one focused and specialized area – building potential.