• Education is not mere information to be dumped, but knowledge to be experienced & shared.
  • At QGMS, we emphasize on this through our 7 sutras and 1 mantra that leads towards responsible, contributing & successful citizenship.
    - Prof. Dr. Madhurani Gowda

Counseling solutions

Research studies have proven that bottled up or unexpressed emotions become more intense causing stress and confusion and thus counseling in general is effective.

Counseling helps people to feel lighter, gain clarity, learn more about themselves and others, feel less stuck or overwhelmed, feel energized, feel good, positive and hopeful, take decisions and actions, see positive changes, improve relationships and so on. Our dream is to promote well being and growth through counseling in individuals

With a certified diploma and hard core experience of five years in counseling ,  Prof. Dr. Madhurani Gowda has served the society by providing compassionate, confidential, empathetic and professional counseling to individuals and couples on adolescent sexuality, career and relations.  The team also consists of counselors having different work experience in fields as diverse as HR, Marketing, Journalism, Training, Coaching and Social Work, who provide solutions with human touch committed to ethical guidelines of ACA (American Counseling Association)