• Education is not mere information to be dumped, but knowledge to be experienced & shared.
  • At QGMS, we emphasize on this through our 7 sutras and 1 mantra that leads towards responsible, contributing & successful citizenship.
    - Prof. Dr. Madhurani Gowda

Academic Solutions

  • Skills development including training and assistance in Certification Compliance
  • Preparing students for Campus Selections.
  • Personal Skills Development and Advanced Management Skills Development Programs
  • Educational consultation to aspiring students regarding medical, engineering and management.
  • Support for institutions including projects, internships and careers.
  • We assure placement through our training programs that focuses on campus recruitment which meets the recruitment needs of students and placement departments.

HR solutions 

Research proves that "59 percent of organizations surveyed currently obtain assistance in some or all of their recruiting processes"

  • We help recruit higher quality candidates for you, faster by providing flexible Recruitment Solutions that are tailor made to address your existing and future talent needs.
  • Gap analysis & identification of Training requirements
  • Enable organizations ¬†understand their current levels of performance and mentor them on strategies to take them to next or optimized levels.
  • Mentoring Organization Heads to uncover their potential
  • Career consultation
  • HR Policy Formulation
  • Job Evaluation
  • Performance Management System
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • HR Studies, Diagnostics and Surveys